Four of us (Patti, Bill, Susan & me- Pam) made the day trip to Longwood Gardens today and it was a Perfect Day. Yes it was drizzling rain on and off - but it was overcast and the colors outside were perfect. PLUS it was the weekend for the International Orchid Show & Sale. Orchids were the focus and they were EVERYWHERE in the Visitor Center and the Conservatory and for sale in a special big white tent. And as Patti's sister Cathy said -each orchid was more beautiful than the last -and after awhile "you just got "drunk" on all the beauty".  Both Patti and I went home with a Miltonia orchid- Patti's was already out in bloom, but what mine will look like will be a surprise. It has Lots of buds that are just ready to open.  

The sweet scent of the star lilies inside and the hyacinths outside was absolutely intoxicating! Now I know how bees must experience the world!